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United Way of Central WV Christmas Bureau was established to coordinate the efforts of the community in its holiday giving.  The Christmas Bureau provides a clearinghouse for agencies, churches and other organizations providing gifts of food, toys and clothing and facilitates provision of information and training in the use of eligibility applications prepared by Christmas Bureau staff.

United Way of Central WV does not determine policy for the agencies participating in the Christmas Bureau: it provides an opportunity for the various agencies and area groups to come together to discuss the guidelines each uses in determining the eligibility of individuals or families who need help at Christmas.  Through this exchange of information and sharing of ideas, United Way of Central WV hopes that the Christmas giving in our communities will be more equitable.  

Through the use of the Christmas Bureau clearinghouse, community giving is channeled to serve more people by minimizing duplication. 

For participating agencies, additional information is available to ensure that the application process is standardized to everyone's benefit.

For individuals to be considered eligible to receive Christmas assistance, the applicant information must be complete and correct. This program only serves eligible residents of Kanawha, Putnam, and Boone counties, West Virginia.

All the forms you may need are listed on the right side of this page. Please be sure to read the instructions before completing forms. You should consult the calendar for deadline dates, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Christmas Bureau, with the cooperation of all parties involved, maintain accurate information regarding the location and schedules of the participating agencies.

The Christmas Bureau checks the master database to provide the answers and to identify the provider(s) for the applicant.

From the master database, the Christmas Bureau should be able to answer or route the question to the most appropriate source for the answer. Reasons for denial may include:

  • Not in the service area
  • Over the income guidelines
  • Duplicate application

Applications are routed geographically based on service areas prearranged by provider organizations.

The Christmas Bureau will route you to a major provider in your area to identify families in need.

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